Khushboo Ranka_Director_An_Insignificant_Man.jpgKhushboo Ranka


Khushboo Ranka initially worked as a journalist, graphic designer and author before moving into the film industry. She won the award for the Best Short Film at the Hannover Film Festival with ‘Continuum’ (2006). 'An Insignificant Man' (2016) is her documentary film debut.


Vinay Shukla_Director_An_Insignificant_Man.jpgVinay Shukla


Vinay Shukla, originally a theater actor, moved into film in 2011. With ‘Bureaucracy Sonata’ (2011) he won the Best Short Film Award at the South Asian International Film Festival 2012 in New York. Shukla was the director, camera man and screenwriter for ‘An Insignificant Man’ (2016).