Verena Schulze Palstring


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Social researcher Verena Schulze Palstring focuses on migration, those who flee from countries and the politics that stem from these factors. After graduating in European Studies and International Migration and Intercultural Relationships in Osnabruck and Copenhagen, she worked as a research assistant for worldwide migration at the Research Centre of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees between 2013 and 2015, where she wrote a report on the potential of migration from India. At the moment she is a research associate looking into “Escape: Research and Transfer” at the University of Osnabrück.









Indian Migrants in Africa. A bridge between India and Africa.

In 2014 India had not only the second largest population in the world, but also the biggest diaspora worldwide. The Indian political world began to acknowledge this economic, political and cultural potential, stemming from those with Indian heritage, at the start of the century, and focussed their efforts on North America and Europe.

With the growing importance and more self-awareness of India as a fast-developing and emerging market, the focus on the potential of the diaspora in developing nations is moving from a political perspective to an economic one. Differing diaspora-political measures are being taken in Africa in regard to commercial and key markets, as well as drawing up investment and energy policies with various implications.

During the lecture we’ll take look at

  1. The population with Indian heritage in Africa
  2. Diaspora-political measures taken by the Indian government and their role for the diaspora in African states
  3. The role of the Indian community relating to trade and politics undertaken between India and Africa